Coex® Cotton Plus®


Virucidal technology against COVID-19

  • Specifically developed to combat the healthcare challenge CO-VID19, ComVir is the nonwoven fabric designed for the production of protective clothing, surgical masks, FFP2, FFP3, filter systems, furnishing accessories and sanitizing products.

    ComVir is disinfectant thanks to the property of quaternary ammonium salts. The virucidal qualities of these active ingredients have been scientifically proven, as reported in the ECDC guidelines of 18 February 2020 for the sanitization of non-healthcare facilities exposed to the virus.

    The approval procedure in derogation as BIOCIDE against COVID-19 is currently underway.

  • ComVir is a "Made in Italy" technology, born from the collaboration between Zanolo and FastmedItalia, a leading company in the development and supply of innovative systems for the administration of pharmaceutical, medical, nutraceutical and cosmetic ingredients, as well as technologies for the health and well-being of the body.

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