The quality of our work comes from high productive standards and constant commitment in defense of the environment.


  • Sustainability is part of our mission and the quality of our products is enforced by the use of productive systems aimed at reducing environmental impact.

    70% of the energy used everyday in our facilities, producing 18 tons of fibers daily on a production capacity of 30 tons/day, is produced internally: 25% of this comes from renewable sources while the rest is created from natural gas cogeneration.

    The optimization of productive processes has lead to save hydric resourches (-30% every year) and the discherges are completely treated into a internal plant with a capacity of 200.000 cube meters per year

    Our attention is also addressed to the territory. We are based in Arborio, in Vercelli province, well known all over the world for its rice fields and the Sesia river, one of the longest in the Piemonte region. We feel responsible for the protection of such a great heritage and this is why our waste and emissions are constantly monitored by severe procedures: thanks to our internal policies, the annual Co2 save is 270 tons.

  • Certifications

    Our commitment in defense of sustainability is testified by international certifications.

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