• Health and personal care


We work alongside the cosmetics industry to develop innovative and revolutionary formulations.

  • Natural and innovative products

    Zanolo's experience in the cosmetics and textiles fields has led to the creation of solutions for the production of raw materials and semi-finished products for the cosmetics and textile sectors in compliance with the PD CEN/TR 15917:2009 guidelines.

    We are specialized in the formulation of concentrated liquid solutions for the production of articles for the wet wipes market or mixtures and emulsions based on microcapsules.

    Our experience in the field of cosmetic raw materials allows us to offer support and detailed advice to industries operating in this sector during the development of new products and formulations.

    Our highly qualified technical staff is constantly updated on new market trends, without abandoning the respect for the environment: the solutions and formulations that we offer  are innovative and focused on natural products.

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