Our mission

We work to be recognized as leaders in fibre processing by linking tradition, sustainability and innovation.

  • Together towards success

    Our aim is to provide clients with high services based on technology and experience, in order to improve the competitiveness of their products and their market position.

    Our state of the art facilities are able to perform highly complex processes, from the more traditional to the more innovative ones, while our internal laboratories, also making use of collaboration with universities and research institutes, develop solutions able to satisfy every need, helping the customer to anticipate new trends and overcome the challenges of an increasingly dynamic market.

    The attention to the environment is part of our mission: thanks to photovoltaic plants and thermal and electric cogeneration plants, the internal depuration of waste water and the optimization of the productive processes, we want to limit the exploitation of resources by realizing ecological solutions with competitive productive costs.

Respect for your privacy is our priority

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