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COEX®, the first 100% natural flame retardant biopolymer, is born from the union between technology and love for the environment

  • Eco Friendly innovation

    One of a kind and totally eco-friendly, COEX® is a 100% natural product made with vegetable fibres or materials which are made completely fire resistant thanks to an innovative technology that completes the features of cellulose, in addition to other natural elements, empowering it without genetic modifications.

    The process, that boasts 360 degrees sustainability, does not use  flame retardant chemical additives nor flame retardant resins that may be harmful; this way, COEX® contributes to creating a healthier and safer environment and protects people from the side effects of using oil-based materials and substances.

    This patent is born from the cooperation with Torcitura Padana, a company that has been producing  high quality yarns for over 50 years, and that is able to substitute synthetic flame-retardant fabrics in all the applications where it’s required to respect fire protection international standards.

    COEX® offers a solution for all those contexts and applications where a material based on cellulose is used. In particular, COEX® fabrics are suitable for underwear, table clothes, wallpapers, curtains and clothes, and being 100% natural they are hypoallergenic and antistatic.

  • All COEX® fabrics are produced and tested following the highest international standards of fire protection, the ideal solution for textile leader companies looking for a natural, innovative and safe product.

  • Curtains, decorative fabrics, wallpapers:

    EN 13772 and EN 13773 (Class 1), Europe
    DIN 4102  (B1), Germany
    NF P 92-503 to 92-505 (M1), France
    BS 5867, 5438 (Part 2, Type C), Great Britain
    NFPA 701 (Passed), USA

  • Decor fabrics:
    EN 1021 (No ignition), Europe
    DIN 4102B1 (”Brandschacht”), Germany 
    NF P 92-503 to 92-505, 92-507, (M1) France
    BS 5852 (crib 5, 7), (Passed), Great Britain
    California TB 116, 117, 133 (Passed), USA

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