Stopfire® Reach Compliance


The revolutionary eco-friendly anti-felting treatment with radical oxygen that eliminates chlorine.

  • An eco-friendly process

    This extraordinary process is the result of years of research in our specialized laboratories, with the aim of creating an anti-felting process that does not release toxic products into the fibers or the environment.
    Biowash® treatment is sustainable, does not alter the biodegradability of the fibers and consumes little energy.

    Thanks to the action of radical oxygen, the very reactive form of the common element, Biowash® treatment eliminates wool scales without damaging the proteins of the fibers, making them soft, hygroscopic, odorless, steam permeable and capable of maintaining their capacities unchanged even after many home washings.

    Unlike traditional anti-felting treatments, which use chlorine, the emissions of Biowash® are only composed by oxygen and sodium sulphate.

  • Zanolo textile solutions BIOWASH
  • To use Biowash® means to save energy compared to traditional methods:

    • 40% KWt
    • 60%KWe
    • 30% of water
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