Stopfire® Biowash®


the revolution in dyeing with reactive dyes


    Readye® is a patented technology developed in Zanolo laboratories and suitable for Industrial staple, yarn , fabric and garment dyeing plants.

    It replaces all traditional processes with polyfunctional reactive dyes on 100% cellulosic textiles or blends with wool or synthetics.

    Dyeing is accelerated by our solution that completely replaces traditional electrolytes (sodium chloride and sodium sulphate) for greater sustainability and the possibility of waste water recovery.

    The dyeing process is effective even at low temperatures, providing thermal energy savings.

    Readye® can be applied in any traditional dye plant, without equipment modifications or changes on your dyestuff selection: our technicians will assist you in adopting this innovative technology.

    Readye® XLU is approved by Oeko-tex Class 1 App.6.

    Readye® XLU is approved by GOTS 7.0 and GRS.

    Readye® XLU  is compliant with the ZDHC MRSL v3.1 standards and is registered on the ZDHC Gateway.



    Water: up to -60%, with Readye® there is no need for traditional initial scouring and given the high dye fastness, final washing and soaping can be reduced. No Chlorides or Sulphates are put into the water, allowing recycling of waste water.

    Electric Energy: -30% thanks to shorter cycles

    Thermal Energy: -40% thanks to reduced operating temperatures

    Time: -46% of total time due to reduced dyeing times and less washing required.

    Laboratory: 50% reduced time in dyeing samples with excellent repeatability. 

    Simplicity: the technology uses only one auxiliary, Readye XLU, which is liquid and easy to dose, in addition to the traditional wetting agent, dyes and, if necessary, pH correctors.

    Effectiveness: the colour value of selected dyes increases by up to +40% compared to traditional processes.


    Example of comparison between traditional production process and Readye® treatment in industrial plant, dyeing black color on 100% cotton.

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