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Thanks to its advanced technologies and great competences, Zanolo is able to modify, by treatment with specific additives, the electric conductivity of textile substrates and make them conductive, electrostatic or dissipative.



    Electrostatic discharge, or ESD, is a rapid transfer of electrostatic charges between two objects, usually resulting when two objects with different potentials come into direct contact with each other.

    Textile products are very important elements in some ESD protection areas, particularly in very dry environments.  Inadequate fabrics can generate electrostatic charges that can cause serious personal injury and industrial damage.

    BLACKCATS®2.5, a carbon-based preparation, is used on orthogonal fabrics, knitted or non-woven fabrics to provide static control based on specific industrial requirements and/or international standards.

    Electrostatic properties: Resistivity     

    BLACKCATS®2.5 helps your products to meet the requirements of the following standards:

    • EN1149 parts 1,2,3 and 5: protective clothing
    • ISO 284: electrical conductivity
    • ISO 16812: electrically conductive fabrics

    Depending on the quantity of product used, the following values can be obtained, expressed in Ω•cm:

    • Dissipative materials: electrical resistivity between 105 e 109  Ω
    • Conductive materials: electrical resistivity. < 105 Ω
    • Shielding  EM fields: electrical resistivity < 103 Ω
  • BLACKCATS®2.5 Zanolo
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